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Coconut Burfi Recipe

From admin
  • Ingredients 9 Count
  • Nutrition 470 Calories
  • Directions 35 Minutes

4 servings


imperial units us

    Coconut Burfi Ingredients:

    Ghee 2 tsps.
    Sugar 1 cup
    Water 1 cup
    Dessicated coconut 1 cup
    Crushed cardamoms 6 nos.
    Chopped cashewnuts ¼ cup

    Coconut Burfi Method :

    1. Grease a plate with the Ghee and set aside.
    2. Heat the sugar and water on a low heat to make a thick syrup.
    3. Remove any scum from the syrup. Add the finely grated coconut and crushed
    cardamoms. Mix thoroughly.
    4. Turn off the heat while the mixture is still a thick pouring consistency. Add the
    chopped cashewnuts. Mix thoroughly.
    5. Pour the coconut mixture onto the greased plate and quickly spread with a
    6. After a few minutes, cut into diamond-shaped pieces with a sharp knife.
    7. Store in an airtight container.
    Note: Make sure the syrup is very thick before you add the coconut and
    cardamom, otherwise the burfi will not set.

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